• How Your Ring Is Made & What To Do When A Ring Prong Is Damaged

    If you have a ring that you wear on a daily basis, over the years, there is a chance that one of the prongs on the ring could get damaged. Here is a quick breakdown of how your ring is constructed and what you need to do if a ring prong is ever damaged. The Construction Of Your Ring Most rings are made out of a few different parts that are all connected together. [Read More]

  • Tips For Buying Estate Jewelry

    Estate jewelry is any kind of jewelry that has been previously used. It could be antique jewelry, vintage jewelry, or even something more recent. However, just because you are buying some jewelry that is used does not mean that you cannot get high quality and great pieces of jewelry. In fact, because estate jewelry is previously owned, it might be very valuable and from a different era that can make it even more appealing. [Read More]

  • Two Tips For Storing Jewelry

    Making sure that you are properly storing your jewelry is critical for keeping it safe from some common forms of damage. While many people may assume that they only need to keep these pieces of jewelry in a jewelry box, there are still some problems that jewelry can encounter while it is in the box. Luckily, you can avoid some of the more common oversights by keeping these two jewelry storage tips in mind. [Read More]

  • Beach Babe: Accessorize Your Swimwear To Accentuate Your Best Part

    No matter how beautiful your figure, everyone has a few areas that they classify problem spots. If you are planning to wear a bathing suit, you may have areas that you wish to cover up and areas that you wish to put on display. Properly placed jewelry (such as is offered by Be Goldish) can help you to look like a beach beauty and draw the eye just where you want it. [Read More]

  • How To Reduce Costs When Making Your Own Jewelry

    Making your own jewelry, whether it's to sell or to wear yourself, can be a very rewarding hobby. It can also be an expensive one! If you're not careful, you can end up spending as much on the supplies to make a necklace as you would on a similar necklace from a retailer. If you're looking to keep costs down when purchasing your jewelry-making supplies, here are a few tips that will help. [Read More]

  • Tips For Selling Gold And Silver Jewelry

    Selling your gold and silver jewelry is a good way to make some extra cash when you need it. The process for selling jewelry is multi-faceted, since there are several things you should do to get the best selling prices.  Get it Appraised  The first thing to do before you consider selling your jewelry is to have it appraised by the jewelry dealer. While most gold and silver buyers will pay you based on the melt value of your jewelry, some pieces can actually be much more valuable as they are. [Read More]

  • Fashion Jewelry Trends For 2016

    Fashion jewelry trends in 2016 are marked by bold shapes and oversized gemstones used in unusual combinations and layers. If you are interested in wearing the latest jewelry trends, look to the fashion houses in New York, London, Paris, Milan, and Rome. Clothing designers are showing the latest jewelry trends on their models on the fashion runways. Some of the current fashion jewelry trends that are being shown in the fashion houses are as follows:  [Read More]

  • Buying Your First Indian Head Cent Online

    Collecting coins can be a great way to amass physical wealth while learning more about the history of the United States. If you are new to collecting and live in an area where coin dealers are scarce, you may want to consider shopping for collectible coins online. Adding an Indian Head cent to your collection can be a great way to establish your prowess as a collector, but purchasing these coins online can be a challenge. [Read More]

  • Engagement Rings 101: 3 Handy Tips Everyone Should Know

    Asking the woman you love to marry you is one of the biggest moments in your life. But before you get down on one knee, you must first find—and purchase—the perfect engagement ring. Unfortunately, ring shopping is usually easier said than done. However, that doesn't mean it's impossible. With these three tips, you're sure to find an engagement ring that will wow your soon-to-be fiance: 1. Know Her Ring Size [Read More]

  • Do You Really Know How Much Your Diamond Is Worth?

    When it comes to your diamonds, you can be on one side of the spectrum: either you are under-valuing your diamond jewelry or you are over-valuing it. A number of jewelry owners don't really have any clue what the true value of their diamond jewelry really is. In many instances, this lack of information can be traced back to a number of different misconceptions. It's Not About What You Pay [Read More]