Buying Your First Indian Head Cent Online

Posted on: 27 April 2016

Collecting coins can be a great way to amass physical wealth while learning more about the history of the United States. If you are new to collecting and live in an area where coin dealers are scarce, you may want to consider shopping for collectible coins online. Adding an Indian Head cent to your collection can be a great way to establish your prowess as a collector, but purchasing these coins online can be a challenge.

Here are three things to look for as you evaluate online coins to ensure you purchase the best Indian Head cent available in your price range.

1. Look for an Indian Head cent with a favorable grade.

When it comes to evaluating the collectability of a specific coin, many people rely on the grading system to help determine value. Coin grading utilizes many different factors to assign a value to the condition of the coin.

If an Indian Head cent has been circulated heavily, it will show signs of fading or worn edges. This could hurt the grade of the coin, making it less valuable in a collector's market. By searching for a coin that grades "fine" or better, you will ensure that you add the most valuable coin to your collection in the future.

2. Evaluate the current market conditions for Indian Head coins.

Unlike other collectible coins that contain trace amounts of precious metals, Indian Head cents are made from copper. This means that metal prices do not influence the value of Indian Head cents. If you want to ensure that you aren't overpaying for your collectible coin, you need to evaluate the market conditions before making a purchase.

Investing in an Indian Head cent when demand is low and supply is high will give you the opportunity to pay less for your coin. A lower purchase price will give your coin the chance to increase in value over time.

3. Look for rare mint dates.

Taking the time to become familiar with the most collectible mint years when it comes to Indian Head cents will help you make a wise online purchase. You might think that older coins are worth more than their newer counterparts, but this isn't necessarily true.

An Indian Head cent minted in 1866 can be worth anywhere from $48 to $475, while a coin minted in 1877 could be worth $950 to $5,250.

As you begin to add more coins to your collection, the Internet can serve as a valuable resource. Be sure that you understand grading systems, market conditions, and valuable mint years before investing in an Indian Head cent online from a retailer like Penny Pincher Coins & Jewelry, and you will be able to add the most valuable coins possible to your collection.