Fashion Jewelry Trends For 2016

Posted on: 29 April 2016

Fashion jewelry trends in 2016 are marked by bold shapes and oversized gemstones used in unusual combinations and layers. If you are interested in wearing the latest jewelry trends, look to the fashion houses in New York, London, Paris, Milan, and Rome. Clothing designers are showing the latest jewelry trends on their models on the fashion runways. Some of the current fashion jewelry trends that are being shown in the fashion houses are as follows: 

  • Crystals - Natural crystals are being shown as statement pendants either alone or combined with gold and silver chains. Large crystals are also being sliced into flat plates and bezel set in gold or silver to hang below the collar bone. 
  • Chains - Large chain link necklaces with hardware buckle clasps are another noticeable jewelry trend. Some of these chains are shown in brushed gold and silver and are paired with others that are highly polished. The look is oversized and industrial. 
  • Layered Chains and Gemstone Pendants - Fashion designers are showing multiple gold and silver chains of various lengths layered together with gemstone pendants of various sizes and lengths. These combined layers create a fashion forward look by being worn together. Necklace lengths can vary from just below the collar bone extending to below the waist. 
  • Dangling Fringes - Long gold and silver fringes are used to create necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, brooches, anklets, and chokers. A common component of fringe jewelry is the movement that it creates. 
  • Metal Headbands - Straps and cords of gold and silver metals are being wrapped around the head multiple times to create a unique look that intertwines with the hair and frames the face. Many headbands are embellished with metal flowers and leaves or geometric shapes to form a garland around the head. Sleek plain metal bands are also being shown to frame hair that is pulled back and piled on top of the head.    
  • Ear Cuffs and Earrings - Ear cuffs that hug and outline the top and sides of the ear are another current jewelry trend. These cuffs often expand out from the ear in a geometric or starburst pattern. Dangling geometric-shaped earrings are also being shown worn singly or in pairs. 
  • Chokers - Large loose chokers of hammered gold and silver are also a current fashion jewelry trend. These chokers encircle the neck in multiple bands that can mimic the look of industrial hardware or the pattern of moving water. Other trending chokers hug the neck and are embellished with geometric and abstract designs.  
  • Bracelets - Gold and silver industrial-looking bracelets are being shown without gemstones. These bracelets rely on the shape and texture of the metal for their interest. Multiple bracelets can be stacked together on the wrist in different colors of gold and silver. 
  • Structured Pendants - Large gold, silver, brass, and copper pendants are being worn alone or in combination with chains and gemstone pendants. These pendants are simple geometric shapes that hang at different lengths. Dark patinas color some metals and provide a dramatic look on winter white and cream fashions.    

Whatever jewelry you choose to wear, you will be in fashion if it is worn with confidence. Experiment with different pieces of fashion jewelry and the neckline of your clothing to find the perfect combination that will allow both to work well together. Visit a number of fashion jewelry sales, and you'll soon amass a collection that allows you to look your best.