Beach Babe: Accessorize Your Swimwear To Accentuate Your Best Part

Posted on: 12 May 2016

No matter how beautiful your figure, everyone has a few areas that they classify problem spots. If you are planning to wear a bathing suit, you may have areas that you wish to cover up and areas that you wish to put on display. Properly placed jewelry (such as is offered by Be Goldish) can help you to look like a beach beauty and draw the eye just where you want it. Here are some ideas for jewelry and placement to highlight or recede specific areas.  

Promote upper body with belly chain

If you have a tiny little waist and nice upper proportions, you can draw the eye to this area with the help of body chain jewelry. You can go for something as simple as a chain that goes across your waist, to a full on vest-like chain that harnesses from your shoulders to your mid-section. This jewelry setup will pull the eye directly to the top of your body. If you go with a simple belly chain, add in a hand chain or other small jewelry such as rings and bracelets. These will anchor your beach jewelry look to help catch looks. 

Thigh jewelry and sandals for a lower body effect

If you enjoy the look of your hips and thighs the most, the best way to showcase them is in a bikini with thigh jewelry. Thigh jewelry can be a band that is fastened around your thigh, much like a bracelet would to your wrist.jewlery can also be clipped to the top of your swimsuit bottom and hang down towards your hips and thighs. While in a bathing suit, it is best to use jewelry on both thighs for the sake of symmetry. Thigh jewelry is a unique idea that will make you the envy of everyone on the beach. 

A statement piece for the chest and face

For those who enjoy having attention at and above the chest area, a statement necklace is the perfect beach accessory. Though some people have been taught to take off all jewelry before heading towards the ocean, a statement piece that specifically fits the color of your swimsuit is the perfect beach jewelry. This will draw the eyes at and above the chest area, giving you the option to shine the parts that you most like. If you wear a statement necklace, be sure it is one solid metal so that you don't have to worry about a plating wearing off.