• Dos And Don'ts To Follow When Designing Your Own Engagement Ring

    The best way to get the exact engagement thing you want is to design it yourself. Many jewelry stores and retailers have a design-your-own program and will work with you to ensure you get a ring that is perfectly, wonderfully your own. These programs can be excellent, but there are still a few dos and don'ts you'll want to keep in mind when designing your engagement ring. Do: Set your budget up-front [Read More]

  • Jewelry Cleaning Tips To Clean Your Jewelry Using Easy And Safe Methods

    Your jewelry can get a lot of wear and can be exposed to various elements through your day that will dull up its appearance and cause it to tarnish. However, you don't always need to use harsh chemical cleaners that require you to glove up. Here are some tips to help you clean your jewelry yourself with ingredients that are effective and accessible in your own home. Remove Silver Tarnish [Read More]

  • Stones In Women's Jewelry: Meanings And Benefits

    When it comes to jewelry, many people do not give much thought to the different materials that go into it. They generally just think about whether or not it is pretty or aesthetically appealing. However, if you are out shopping for women's jewelry, you may want to consider the different stones that may be used in that jewelry. Different types of stones in women's jewelry have different meanings and can even have different benefits to you and your well-being. [Read More]

  • Why You Should Buy A Seashell Pendant Before Your Beach Vacation

    If you are planning on going on a beach vacation sometime soon, you might want to do a little bit of shopping before you leave. One thing that you might want to shop for is a seashell pendant. This can be a great purchase to make before your vacation for these reasons and more. Improve Your Vacation Style When going on vacation, you might want to bring along a nice wardrobe to wear. [Read More]

  • How to Match Your Personality with Your Engagement Ring

    An engagement ring will be on your finger as a symbol of a life-long commitment. Make sure it matches your (or your fiancee's) personality with the following style hints.  1. Choose a Diamond or Other Stone The most noticeable part of an engagement ring is usually the stone (or stones) so this should be the first aspect to reflect your personality. Diamonds are still the most popular choice for engagement rings, and the reason is as clear: it shines with an irrepressible sparkle and endures as long as true love. [Read More]

  • How To Ensure You Pick A Dazzling Diamond Your Future Spouse Will Love

    Getting down on one knee and asking your future spouse for their hand in marriage may be one of the most nerve-wracking things that you ever do. Although you will want to come up with the perfect proposal and ambiance, you don't want to forget about the ring. With so many beautiful options out there, you want to ensure that you pick one that your future spouse will want to wear every day for the rest of your lives. [Read More]

  • Selecting Stylish Engagement Rings

    When it comes to engagement rings, some people will be interested in choosing something that is very traditional. The shape of the diamond or gemstone used in that engagement ring will matter, and rounder shapes are always in fashion.  The Majority of Customers Still Select Diamonds That Are Given a Round Shape When people look for engagement jewelry, they will often notice the shape of the gemstone first. Some of these shapes are more fashionable than others. [Read More]

  • 3 Great Earring Choices For Your Toddler

    Piercing your daughter's ears at a young age can be a lot of fun and she will look adorable with her earrings in her ears. However, because she is so little, it is important you buy her the appropriate earrings. This article will discuss 3 great earring choices for your toddler. Those With Safety Backs No matter what style of earrings you choose for your toddler, you are going to want to make sure that they have safety backs. [Read More]

  • How Your Ring Is Made & What To Do When A Ring Prong Is Damaged

    If you have a ring that you wear on a daily basis, over the years, there is a chance that one of the prongs on the ring could get damaged. Here is a quick breakdown of how your ring is constructed and what you need to do if a ring prong is ever damaged. The Construction Of Your Ring Most rings are made out of a few different parts that are all connected together. [Read More]