Why You Should Duplicate Your Expensive Engagement Ring

Posted on: 7 June 2022

If you were recently engaged, you may spend plenty of time staring down at that beautiful engagement ring on your finger. You may have only had it for a short period of time, but its sentimental value is already priceless, and the financial cost of the ring can be significant. Should this investment be protected with some strategic counterfeiting?

A Considerable Sum of Money

Engagement rings represent a considerable sum of money. In the US, the average amount paid for an engagement ring is around $6000, with many couples spending well over this price. As much as you want to wear your ring all day, every day, is this sensible? Damage or even loss would be heartbreaking. There's also the fact that replacing such an expensive item may be difficult, and perhaps impossible for the moment—especially with the upcoming cost of your actual wedding.

Specifications and Budget

Jewelry stores that make bespoke engagement rings will work to a customer's specifications and budget. While there will be customers who want a multi-carat diamond set in a platinum ring, there will also be customers who want a synthetic diamond set in a low karat gold band. They can manufacture a ring to your exact stipulations. So what about if this request is for an exact replica of your existing, valuable engagement ring, only made with less expensive materials?

Wear With Safety

A duplicate ring allows you to safely wear your engagement ring everywhere. It lets people know you're engaged while reminding you of the unbroken love you share with your fiancée. Sure, your original ring can do all this. But if a replica ring is damaged or lost, it's a mild inconvenience, instead of a financial catastrophe you can't easily recover from.

The Replica

The second ring will be a fake, and it will be a fairly convincing fake. Instead of gold, its band will be a gold-colored non-precious metal (likely to be a copper alloy), and its diamond may in fact be cubic zirconia. Daily wear will ultimately tarnish fake jewelry, meaning that as the years go by, the replica ring will be less convincing (and can be replaced as desired). However, you may wish to have an inscription placed inside the band of the real engagement ring, allowing you to easily tell the difference. 

A replica of your diamond engagement ring is a means to protect your original investment. The original can, of course, still be worn as desired—but you might want to restrict this to special occasions. You can enjoy the look of your engagement ring on your finger, confident in the knowledge that the original is safe.