Avoid The Long Wait: Why Use A One-Hour Jewelry Repair Service

Posted on: 26 January 2023

If you've got some jewelry that needs repairs, you might get worried about the time. Some jewelry shops can take days or weeks to take care of the repairs. Luckily, there's a better way to get your jewelry repaired. You can choose a one-hour jewelry repair service. If you've never used this type of service before, you might not think they're right for you. That's not the case though. One-hour jewelry repair services take care of the repairs you need the most. Read the list provided below. Here are four types of services a one-hour jewelry repair shop can help you with. 

Repair Necklace Clasps

If you have a necklace that you want to wear, don't wait days or weeks for repairs. Take your necklace to a one-hour repair service. One-hour repair services can take care of all types of necklace repairs. They can repair broken chain links and replace broken clasps. That way, you can get back to wearing your favorite necklace. 

Replace Loose Gems

If you've had a gem fall out of your ring, you don't have time to wait for repairs. This is especially true with regards to your wedding or engagement rings. That's why you need to use a one-hour jewelry repair service. When you use this type of service, your gems will get replaced while you wait. If you have loose gems, they'll make sure those get repaired too. That way, you don't lose gems from your rings. 

Fix Broken Watches

If you have a broken watch, don't buy a new one. Take your watch to a one-hour repair shop and get it fixed instead. One of the great things about one-hour jewelry repairs is that they take care of broken watches too. Some of the repairs they can take care of include broken crystals and broken stems. But, a one-hour jewelry repair service can also replace the battery in your watch. That way, you don't need to stop wearing your favorite watch. 

Resize Your Rings

If your rings don't fit right anymore, now's the time to visit a repair shop. Wearing rings that are too loose can increase the risk of loss. Wearing rings that are too tight can cause damage to your fingers. This includes the loss of circulation. If your rings don't fit, don't stop wearing them. Take them to a one-hour repair shop instead. They'll resize your rings, without the long wait.

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