• Why You Should Buy A Seashell Pendant Before Your Beach Vacation

    If you are planning on going on a beach vacation sometime soon, you might want to do a little bit of shopping before you leave. One thing that you might want to shop for is a seashell pendant. This can be a great purchase to make before your vacation for these reasons and more. Improve Your Vacation Style When going on vacation, you might want to bring along a nice wardrobe to wear. [Read More]

  • How to Match Your Personality with Your Engagement Ring

    An engagement ring will be on your finger as a symbol of a life-long commitment. Make sure it matches your (or your fiancee's) personality with the following style hints.  1. Choose a Diamond or Other Stone The most noticeable part of an engagement ring is usually the stone (or stones) so this should be the first aspect to reflect your personality. Diamonds are still the most popular choice for engagement rings, and the reason is as clear: it shines with an irrepressible sparkle and endures as long as true love. [Read More]

  • How To Ensure You Pick A Dazzling Diamond Your Future Spouse Will Love

    Getting down on one knee and asking your future spouse for their hand in marriage may be one of the most nerve-wracking things that you ever do. Although you will want to come up with the perfect proposal and ambiance, you don't want to forget about the ring. With so many beautiful options out there, you want to ensure that you pick one that your future spouse will want to wear every day for the rest of your lives. [Read More]