3 Great Earring Choices For Your Toddler

Posted on: 25 October 2016

Piercing your daughter's ears at a young age can be a lot of fun and she will look adorable with her earrings in her ears. However, because she is so little, it is important you buy her the appropriate earrings. This article will discuss 3 great earring choices for your toddler.

Those With Safety Backs

No matter what style of earrings you choose for your toddler, you are going to want to make sure that they have safety backs. Safety backs are different than regular backs of earrings because they have an added locking feature. This makes it incredibly difficult for a child to be able to pull their earrings off themselves. This is great for young children who may tug on their ears because, if their earrings were to fall out, they may either try to eat their earrings if they are young enough, or they may lose them. Safety backs cost a bit more because of their added benefits, but since nice earrings aren't cheap and also because that last thing you want is for your child to choke on their earrings, safety backs are going to be well worth the added cost. 

Stud Earrings

A great style of earrings that are very kid friendly are stud earrings. Stud earrings are great because they stay very close to your child's ear and don't hang down or dangle in any way. This close proximity to the ear helps your child not to notice them, which stops them from trying to pull on them to discover what is in their ear lobe. The stud earrings are also great because they aren't going to get caught on things such as clothing and hair, like other types of dangling earrings might. When it comes to the style of stud earrings, you can choose something that your daughter is going to like, such as colorful diamonds, animal shapes, cartoon characters, etc.

Small Hoops  

If your toddler is a bit older and understands more about earrings and not to pull on them, then small hoops can be a great style choice. The small size of the hoops is great because they are compact and small enough so that they aren't going to get in the way. Also, the hoops may be easier for your child to see, so she will love looking in the mirror and seeing her earrings. You can find simple silver or gold hoops, or you can purchase ones that are covered in diamonds of different colors and/or shapes.