How To Plan A Memorable Father's Day

Posted on: 12 April 2016

It seems that, once Easter is past, Mother's Day and Father's Day come at you fast. Shopping for your mother and your mother-in-law is probably pretty easy. Shopping for the men in your life might be more of a challenge. Unless they drop some pretty good hints, you might be puzzling over what to give your husband, your father and your father-in-law. If that is the case, from breakfast to watch repair, here are some ideas that might help you plan a memorable Father's Day.

A Special Breakfast - Are your father and your father-in-law still living, and do they live in your town? If so, a wonderful idea is to start the day by getting them over to your house for breakfast. Tell you husband that he doesn't have to do a single thing to help you prepare, as this is obviously a celebration for him, too. Plan an impressive breakfast buffet. A Mexican buffet is one idea. Plan a bar for building breakfast tacos with sides like beans, rice and different salsas. Another idea is to make pancakes and have different toppings available. Sausage and bacon would be a great accompaniment. And, if lunch or dinner work better for all of you than breakfast, those are still good ideas for your meal. Who doesn't love breakfast for supper?

The Perfect Gifts - This part is harder, right? Put your creative mind on and think outside of the box.

  • Even though it might take quite a bit of pre-planning, think of doing a collage of family pictures that you can place in a frame to give each of the guys. Another idea is to frame a picture of each of the men when they were just little boys and present that to them with a card that says something like, You've come a long way,baby!
  • Think of the hobbies of each of the men. Is there a fisherman in the trio? New fishing lures or a new fishing pole would be great. What about bowling shirts or a new bowling ball for the bowler in the group? You get the picture!
  • Another idea is to re-gift something the guys already have. For example, a silver-plated picture frame that holds a wedding picture might need to be re-plated. Is anybody the proud owner of a Rolex watch, but it sits in the drawer because it needs repairs? Sneak the Rolex away and send it in to be cleaned and repaired. Repairs are very affordable and are worth every penny you spend on them when the recipient of the gift can once more enjoy a treasured object. Contact a business, such as Hayes Jewelers, for more ideas about rolex investments or repairs. 

Don't forget to take pictures of your three men together. Those pictures will one day be treasures for you and your children.