3 Popular Images in Nautical Jewelry

Posted on: 12 August 2022

You can often find examples of nautical jewelry at many online and in-person jewelry stores, and this theme can be an appealing one if you enjoy boating. Whether you own your own boat and spend a lot of time touring your area's lakes and rivers during the summer, or you save your money throughout the year to book an annual luxury cruise, you might enjoy wearing some nautical jewelry when you're out on the water. Whether you're looking for a necklace pendant, earrings, a bracelet, or another piece of jewelry, you'll find that these three images are common.


Few images are as synonymous with the nautical theme as a ship's anchor. This shape, which features a straight shank and a curved crown, can be a stylish design for a piece of jewelry. If you like the idea of something with a bold design, consider an anchor-shaped pendant to hang on a necklace. These pendants are available in a wide range of materials and in several different sizes. There are also lots of anchor-shaped earrings on the market, including both anchor studs and anchor danglers. If you like the idea of wearing a charm bracelet that features different natural charms, an anchor won't be hard to find.


A mermaid is another popular nautical image that may appeal to you. The sleek curves and feminine vibe of this figure make it a stylish option as a necklace pendant. You'll see mermaid pendants in different metals, but it's also common to see this type of pendant with colored gemstones. Colors such as turquoise help to support the nautical theme and give the mermaid more of a vibrant look. You can also find colorful mermaid earrings, bracelet charms, and even rings at many jewelry shops.


Historically, ship captains kept an eye out for lighthouses so that they were aware of the location of land. Today, many historic lighthouses draw tourists for photo ops. If you love the quaint look of lighthouses, you may wish to buy a piece of jewelry that features this recognizable design. Lighthouse jewelry is often colorful and may feature bold hues such as blue, red, or yellow. Lighthouse pendants are common. You'll see pendants that are shaped like a lighthouse, while some pendants are circular with a lighthouse rendering in the center of the circle. To browse a selection of nautical jewelry before your next boating, visit a jewelry store.