Stones In Women's Jewelry: Meanings And Benefits

Posted on: 29 September 2020

When it comes to jewelry, many people do not give much thought to the different materials that go into it. They generally just think about whether or not it is pretty or aesthetically appealing. However, if you are out shopping for women's jewelry, you may want to consider the different stones that may be used in that jewelry. Different types of stones in women's jewelry have different meanings and can even have different benefits to you and your well-being. Get to know some of the meanings and benefits of certain stones used in jewelry. Then you can better select the right women's jewelry for yourself or the loved one you are shopping for. 


Turquoise has a long history in jewelry. It was once worn by royalty and those exalted by society giving it high prestige and importance. Generally, turquoise is considered to be a protective stone. 

If you or your loved one are in a dangerous line of work or you need spiritual protection, then turquoise jewelry is the way to go. Turquoise can also be a stone that invokes the idea of leadership. So, if you are looking for a promotion or are moving into a leadership role, a piece of turquoise jewelry is the way to go. 

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is another stone that might be found in women's jewelry. It is a stone that represents love first and foremost. It is also a harmonious stone or crystal, meaning that it promotes harmony between people and with people and the natural world. 

If you are buying women's jewelry for a romantic partner, choosing an item with rose quartz is a good option. It will show the person how much you love them and will promote feelings of love between you. It can also promote filial or friendship love. So, if you are buying for a close or best friend, this is a great option too!


Amethyst is a stunningly beautiful purple stone that can help to promote calm and relaxation. It also has to do with love and fidelity. 

If you have a lovely lady in your life that may be prone to stress or anxiety, amethyst women's jewelry would be a great option. Get her an amethyst necklace or bracelet to help her embrace calmer and more soothing energy. This can be a great therapeutic option for a woman with major stress and anxiety issues. 

Now that you know the meanings and benefits of some of the stones available in women's jewelry, you can be sure you select the right one for yourself or your loved one when you head out jewelry shopping.  

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