How to Match Your Personality with Your Engagement Ring

Posted on: 18 March 2020

An engagement ring will be on your finger as a symbol of a life-long commitment. Make sure it matches your (or your fiancee's) personality with the following style hints. 

1. Choose a Diamond or Other Stone

The most noticeable part of an engagement ring is usually the stone (or stones) so this should be the first aspect to reflect your personality. Diamonds are still the most popular choice for engagement rings, and the reason is as clear: it shines with an irrepressible sparkle and endures as long as true love. If you live life with that dazzling clarity, the diamond is a perfect fit.

If glam isn't what you're known for or you just like to go against the crowd, maybe another stone would suit you better. Pearls are also a popular option for their rare and pure quality, just like your beloved. There are jewels in almost every color to match your unique expression and the mood of your relationship, like emerald, sapphire, ruby, or onyx. 

2. Go for Solitaire or Multi

Do you tend to go in all or nothing? Focus on one person, task, or event at a time? Keep things simple and to the point? A solitaire stone could reflect the oneness of your passion. Regardless of whether it's large or small, a single stone or gem provides a clear focal point for the ring. 

Or do you like to have a little of everything, spread several projects across the same table, and tell adventurous tales instead of one short punchline? Engagement rings with three stones can symbolize the power of your past, present, and future. Stones all the way around the band reflect your belief that there is no beginning or end to the love and life you're promising to share. 

3. Consider a Classic or Unique Metal

After choosing the stone, it's time to think about the setting that will surround it. Like a good frame on a priceless work of art, the ring's setting should enhance but not detract from the beauty of the stone itself. 

If you lean toward the more traditional or classic style, you might choose yellow gold. Relying on familial values and archetypal imagery, the look of yellow gold evokes good old-fashioned sense. For a slightly more modern take, white gold or sterling silver fit someone who is stylishly understated and classy. To dress it up for a more glitzy take, premium metals like platinum, titanium, or palladium will bring a ring to the next level. 

For those looking to stand out from the crowd, several alternative metals can make a bold statement. Engagement rings can come in dark-colored metals like black zirconium that give brighter stones even more pop. The classic metals can also be tinted in different hues such as rose gold, while copper and brass provide other unusual options. 

Talk to local jewelers if you're ready to pick out an engagement ring.