Selecting Stylish Engagement Rings

Posted on: 5 November 2019

When it comes to engagement rings, some people will be interested in choosing something that is very traditional. The shape of the diamond or gemstone used in that engagement ring will matter, and rounder shapes are always in fashion. 

The Majority of Customers Still Select Diamonds That Are Given a Round Shape

When people look for engagement jewelry, they will often notice the shape of the gemstone first. Some of these shapes are more fashionable than others. The customers who want a round diamond won't have to worry about the styles of engagement jewelry changing too much since this has been such a sought-after shape for such a long time.

Square shapes are also fashionable, and so are square shapes that have been slightly softened at the edges. A gemstone that has a shape like this will always be stylish. In some cases, these shapes will also be significantly less expensive than others.

Rounder Diamond Shapes Are Not As Expensive as the Shapes That Are More Angular

People might think that since so many people want rounder shapes, they will be more expensive. In fact, this is not the case. It is often easier to create a high-quality diamond shape if the finished product is going to be round. The demand also manages to drive down the diamond's price. Engagement jewelry trends do sometimes change, however, and many people now want colorful gemstones. 

Lots of Modern Customers Are Now Looking Beyond Transparent Diamonds When Choosing Engagement Jewelry

Obviously, plenty of people are still choosing the traditional clear diamonds for their engagement jewelry. There will always be a lot of demand for these sorts of rings, especially for the people who are getting engaged. However, some people are now interested in diamonds that have more color, including striking blue or yellow diamonds. The people who want customized engagement jewelry are also picking pink diamonds, which are very rare.

Individuals who want to create a similar effect with their engagement jewelry can choose other colorful gemstones. The diamonds that are not transparent will typically be costlier than the transparent ones since there just aren't as many of them. However, a sapphire or ruby might be significantly more affordable than a diamond for a lot of people, despite being every bit as elegant as any diamond. For some people, a gemstone like this might have a little bit more personal significance as well.